Light Pipe at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

Since the summer of 2000 the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin has had three Heliobus Light Pipes - the tallest being 10 metres high.
These Light Pipes are a key element of the architectural design for the remodelled Platz.
They provide a link between the surface level architecture and the subterranean regional and underground railway stations below.
The Light Pipes bring sunlight into the station concourses. At night the pipes are internally illuminated to provide an additional vibrant feature to the nightlife scene in central Berlin.


An innovative technology

he aesthetics of the Light Pipe is achieved by the use of innovative Heliobus technology. Using direct sunlight as their source the light loss within the lined glass tubes is low, allowing a high level of transferred light.
The three Light Pipes are respectively 14 metres, 17 metres and 21 metres in length, each having an external diameter of 1.0 metre.

The internal electric lighting provides a gentle and subtle glow along the length of the tube.

Skizze Lichtröhre Potsdamerplatz Berlin