An inexhaustible yet scarce commodity.

Daylight is inexhaustible, and yet it has become a scarce commodity, particularly in urban areas.
Heliobus® builds visionary systems with natural light: inspired by nature, solution-oriented for the future.


We all know the pleasant feeling of finally coming out into the daylight after hours of darkness or artificial light. The medical community has also confirmed that daylight is a powerful source of vitality that artificial lighting cannot replace. But how do we reconcile the need for natural light with urban consolidation in which taller and taller buildings have less and less space between them? For 16 years now, Heliobus® has been guiding daylight to where it is needed. Our tailored solutions use intelligent techniques to direct vital energy into dark rooms, basements, or underground infrastructures.

What is more, systematic use of the inexhaustible supply of daylight means more effective use of space and attractive economic benefits.