Habitat et jardin
2017/03/04 - 2017/03/12


Daylight is our passion

Heliobus is an innovative and experienced company dedicated entirely to the efficient provision of natural daylight and sunlight into buildings. Our products such as the Heliobus® daylight shaft, the Glassfloor, our Lightguide and the Lightpipes are generating maximum welfare benefits from natural light for our customers.

Our proposition starts with lighting design. Our aim is to enhance the usability and availability of space and rooms within buildings through the provision of natural light.
We place importance upon the smooth transition from natural to artificial light - daylight is not available around the clock. Artificial light can usefully complement Heliobus natural daylight on a partial or fulltime basis.

Heliobus systems are characterized by their simplistic beauty of design allied to dynamic efficiency. Whilst still relatively young, Heliobus AG has over a decade of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of cutting edge daylight systems. All Heliobus systems provide their end-user with a clear connection to the changing climate outside their building. Increased exposure to natural daylight brings with it demonstrable benefits in terms of improved knowledge retention, concentration and general wellbeing. Related to this are increased space utilization and enhanced property values.

The market for such natural light systems is still young. We have created an array of systems to provide efficient daylight transfer into buildings and will continue to actively develop further ideas.